Young Adult Programs

Our youth and young adult programs are built from the simple premise that having fun and playing encourages us to learn. Our classes are focused on developing the person, not just the fencer, and the games and exercises allow us to tailor the classes towards the individuals in the class and focus on achieving their goals. 

Ages 10+

This class is broken into levels, 10 in all, with each new student starting at level 1. After a few one hour classes, we will test the student's knowledge and upon passing the exam, they'll then extend their class time to ninety minutes. Once the student has entered level 3, the class time extends to two hours. The two hour class covers a variety of training strategies based on the time of the season and the class members' needs. Once the student has tested for level 4 and above, they will be eligible to enter the Youth Competitive Program and are invited to all the open bouting time offered.


  • Monday, 5 PM
  • Tuesday, 5 PM
  • Thursday, 5 PM
  • Saturday, 10 AM


  • Unlimited classes: $175/month

Youth Competitive Program

This program is for the young athletes who have completed the first 4 levels of our program and wish to start competitions on the Regional Youth Circuit. The curriculum of the program continues technical skills and increases tactical (situational) knowledge and understanding. This program includes private lessons scheduled at the availability of the coach. Students in this program will be expected to purchase their own competition-ready equipment and attend at least 3 competitions per season, 1 of which is an RYC or SYC; this may mean travel and missing practices. These competitions are chosen by the coaching staff in consultation with the parents and athletes. Members will be required to also submit timely competition reports and keep regular training logs.

Cost: $250/month; additional private lessons are available at the drop-in rate and availability of the coaches.