Join Head Coach Clinton Smith and Manitoba Provincial Coach Ayach Bounachada for a Winter Saber Training Camp. Maitre Bounachada joins us to help us take our game to the next level. He is the current coach of 2 members of the Canadian Junior Men's Saber Team Cameron Mackay, Silver at this years Remenyik Senior Saber and Gold in the Junior event and Andre Lavoie. He has coached two Olympians: Bernaoui Raoul, Algeria (Atlanta, '96) and Julie Cloutier, Canada (Beijing, '08). His students have had Top 16 and Top 8 finishes at Junior World Championships (Julie Cloutier, 6th, 2004; Katy Lupien, Top 16, 2008; Max Stearns, 8th, 2010, Cameron McKay, Top 16, 2016).

Each training day will include a variety of technical, tactical, strength & flexibility exercises as well as individual lessons and open bouting. Additionally, he will be helping local coaches work on their training and methodology. 

This camp is open to all members of Lincoln Square Fencing. 

To register pre-register on and you can make payment through our Square Marketplace