Weekly Update - 8/31/15

Congratulations and good fencing to everyone who traveled to St. Louis for the Daugherty Cup ROC/RJCC this past weekend. Gus fenced in his first competition since last Spring. JT fenced up in his first Cadet & Senior events. Dahlia and Marga fenced in their first USA Fencing competition and Clara came home with the Silver in Division 2 Women's Saber. 

This week we'll have a full schedule of classes and lessons, including classes Saturday. Next week we'll be off Monday for the Labor Day Holiday. Theresa will take a turn at a training camp in Hamilton, Ontario so Clint will be covering her classes for the week. 

Congratulations to Dante (Level 3) and Jason (Level 2)! And Theo will be joining the 10+ class this week as well.