Weekly Update - 6/8/15

This week Clint will be out on Tuesday evening. Theresa and Alex will cover the classes in his absence. 

This is the week of the European Championships. While many of the Europe's top fencers have taken this week off after the Grand Prix season to prepare for the upcoming World Championships, others are making it an interesting competition. The events are being live streamed on the FIE Channel on Youtube. 

And continuing to highlight writings that help reinforce a long-term program and putting the fun in sports first, is an article written aimed at gymnastics parents, but just as applicable to any youth sport. 

On the flip side of that belief is another reason coaches belittle: some think that complimenting their athletes will cause them to become lax in their work ethic or over confident in their ability.  In other words that they will become “soft,” which ironically, is just the exact opposite of the Yale findings and the Losada ratio.
Then, some think that coaching is synonymous with criticizing.  As if they are not effectively teaching unless they are consistently pointing out what the athlete is doing wrong.  Data from a quantitative analysis of perhaps the greatest sports coach ever John Wooden strongly suggests otherwise.  During the 1974–75 season, a  season often judged as the best of Wooden’s career, the researchers took copious notes on Wooden’s feedback to players during practices.  Of the 2,500 utterances the researchers recorded,about 6 percent were praises and 6 percent were reproofs. About 75 percent ofeverything Wooden said was recorded by the researchers as instructional.