Weekly Update - 6/1/15

This week all Level 3 & above students are invited to stay later on Mondays to fence additional bouts. This will be a weekly feature and we're glad to be able to add it to the schedule. 

This past weekend: CJ, JT, & Thomas fenced at the IFC Youth & Veteran tournament. Well done all!

Highlighting some of the happenings around the sport, this past weekend was the Grand Prix in Moscow, while none of the Americans made the podium (which is unusual in Women's Saber), there are a number of interesting bouts. Fortunately for us, the FIE has made the competitions available on YouTube. Both Clint and Theresa encourage all members of the club to watch a little bit and see how the superstars of Fencing put the actions together. 

Finally, as the school year winds down and you start to think about summer vacation, please talk with your coach to plan the next couple of months. Classes will continue as normal in addition to the camps, and we want to be able to plan accordingly as the camps start up in mid-July.