(Mid-)Weekly Update - 3/25/15

Congratulations to everyone who competed over the weekend:

At the Daugherty Youth Cup (St. Louis SYC) both Zoe and Dashiell returned to competition. Their first since Nationals! Dashiell finished 12th in Y-12 Men's Saber and Zoe finished 20th in Y-14 Women's Saber. Both achieve several of their goals (thanks Dustin!) and look forward to the next competition.

In Mt. Prospect, both Foil and Saber fencers competed in IFC's D & Under competition.

Mixed Foil:

  • 9. Gus Kroll
  • 16. Jack Waterloo

Mixed Saber:

  • 3. Ian Seegers
  • 3. Theresa Stoodley
  • 5. Clara Somfelean
  • 7. Annamaria Lu

Good fencing everyone!

We have our normal practices and lessons this week. Next week is our Spring Break, we'll be off the week. However, for those of you fencing in the Y-14 Qualifiers and Team competition on the 4th, see Clint if you haven't already. Additionally, the Mayoral Run-off Election on the 7th will keep us from practicing. Everyone is encouraged to come on the 6th instead.