Weekly Update - 11/9/15

Congratulations to Jack, Clara and Theresa: they ended the weekend with Medals from the 46th Bourbon ROC! Jack also earned an E15 with his 8th place finish!

From December 28-30 we will be hosting a training camp and coaching clinic with Manitoba Golden Blades coach Ayach Bounachada (the coach for Cameron Mackay & Misha Sweet, both fenced at this year's Remenyik with us). Registration is available on Askfred. This camp is open to all Level 3 & above members of LSF. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Clint or Theresa about it. 

This week is the first High School competition of the season. The Stevenson Open is available to all High School aged fencers. It is an unsanctioned event (doesn't award classifications), but is good practice due to the size of the event. Clint will be away on Saturday with the Evanston team, Theresa will be covering classes on Saturday.