Weekly Update - 4/21/14

Congratulations to Theresa Stoodley on her 2 Gold Medals in Saturday's Division 2/3 Qualifiers. Clara, Jakob, Beck and Gus also fenced in their respective weapons. Jakob fenced well, losing in the round before the qualifiers in both the D2 & D3 saber events, giving a good fight in both matches. Beck lost to Jakob in the DE round and Clara was knocked out by Theresa. Gus fell a bit short, but his fencing overall showed promise.


This week we'll return to our normal practice schedule. Theresa will be with us for practices Monday and Saturday.

Next weekend is the Korfanty World Cup for Men's & Women's Saber. There are still lots of options for volunteering, everyone is encouraged to attend for a couple of hours, if you can't make the full time for a volunteer shift.

There is also a rumor that we'll have special guests at the club the Thursday evening before, we'll keep everyone updated on more information regarding this possibility.