Weekly Update - 10/27/14

This week's practices: Theresa will be out Monday after 5. We'll all be back the rest of the week.

This past weekend was the Remenyik ROC and RJCC, the event featured Senior Division 1A, Junior, and Cadet events. A very busy weekend for our fencers:

Gus fenced in all three Men's Foil events:

  • Cadet - 23/33 - Highest Unrated Finisher! (Picture to come!)
  • Junior - 28/28
  • Senior - 59/61

Ian fenced in Cadet and Junior Men's Saber:

  • Cadet - 16/23 - Highest Unrated Finisher!
  • Junior - 29/33
Toledo Steel, the finest letter opener in the world!

Toledo Steel, the finest letter opener in the world!

Zoe came up for the Cadet Women's Saber, as she's still in the Y14 age category, and fenced well for her first time out finishing 19/20.

Melissa fenced in the pool round of the Junior Women's Saber, and then withdrew due to an injury. We hope for a speedy recovery!

Clara fenced in all three Women's Saber events:

  • Cadet - 16/20
  • Junior - 8/21 (earning both the dagger above AND her E2014!)
  • Senior - 17/19

Theresa returned to competition after spraining her ankle a couple of weeks ago and finished 8th in Senior Women's Saber, losing her Quarterfinal bout to Silver medalist, Cindy Oh.

Congratulations everyone on terrific fencing and results in a VERY tough tournament!

Events like this underscore our need and desire to have a full-time permanent space for training complete with rehab/recovery equipment. Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page and help us make that a reality!