Weekly Update - 1/8/13

Clint has returned from NH, and the weather has subsided, so we're looking forward to a new Intro class starting Thursday evening. Registration for that class is now full, there are still spots open for Saturday at 1 PM.

The Thursday at 6 PM class also has some spots open, as well as Saturday's 10 AM Youth class.

Robyn will not be in on Saturday, Clint and Theresa will cover her lessons. Theresa will be joining us on Thursday evening for some lessons as well.

Dashiell Cloud with his 8th place medal at the Sword in the Snow SYC

Dashiell Cloud with his 8th place medal at the Sword in the Snow SYC

Last weekend a few of our intrepid Youth fencers journeyed to Durham, NH for the Sword in the Snow SYC:

Dashiell Cloud finished 8th in Y10 Men's Saber and 31st in Y12 Men's Saber. In the quarterfinals, he lost to Silver Medalist, Joshua Lo, after a grueling day of travel.

Zoe Cloud finished 9th in the Y12 Women's Saber, losing to a fencer from Manhattan Fencing Club in the round of 16.

James Wineburner finished 26th in the Y12 Men's Saber, losing the Y10 Gold medalist in the round of 32.

This was their first time at the SYC level and first traveling by plane to a competition. Considering the weather and travel, much less the quality competition, it was a very difficult day and I'm extremely proud of them all. They met their goals for the competition and are looking forward to the next one.