Weekly Update - 8/12/13

As Summer winds down, we'll be starting our Fall programs in a couple of weeks and registration is open. Both the Youth and Adult classes will be starting on Thursday, September 4th.


This week we'll be having our usual classes and lessons.  

Next week we'll not be having our Youth classes - Clint will be taking vacation and Alex will open the gym at 7 for Open Fencing, but there will not be lessons. Clint will be back Saturday, 8/24 and will be in for lessons then.

Last Saturday afternoon was the IL Division's Annual Meeting and Competition Schedule Planning. We're currently scheduled to host 2 events - one in early January and another in mid-April. Once we have confirmation from all parties, we'll post those on the calendar. Clint is looking at schedules to see if he can add some Novice/Beginner events to supplement some of the current events on the schedule. 

We hope everyone enjoys the last few days of summer!