Weekly Update - 7/8/13

Now that Clint has returned from Nationals, we're all here for practices this week. Monday's practice will be as normal.

This weeken we'll be hosting Dr. Ranil Sonnadara, Ph.D., for a Competitive Camp. The camp starts with a practice on Thursday evening and continues through Friday and Saturday. Our Thursday practice will be normal with the usual classes. Ranil will pull people for lessons and other drill work as well as helping out during our practice.

Results from Nationals:  

Theresa finished 18th in Division 3 Women's Saber, and 43rd in Division 2. Jamie finished 117/150 in Division 3 Men's Foil. A good time was had by both!



Part of next season's schedule has been released and the Illinois division will be meeting August 10 to decide on a tournament calendar for the season. We are awaiting the Youth Circuit calendar as well. Once we have all the pieces together, we'll start working on a draft club calendar.