Weekly Update 4/21/13

Congratulations to everyone who came out for the Division 2/3 Qualifier yesterday! Jamie qualified for Division 3 Men's Foil with a Bronze medal. Once the full results are posted, we'll update this with the standings.

This week we'll be having our full complement of classes and practices. We'll also be starting a Groupon campaign on Monday. Purchasers of those vouchers will be receiving 4 lessons with one of the senior fencers or Clint, depending on his lesson schedule.

Also, there was an Indoor Flea Market on Saturday at the Church, throughout the week, the unsold items will be kept in the corner where we normally keep our machines and reels. I ask that on Thursday, we ensure that everything we keep in that corner is put in the closet or under the benches at the opposite end of the room. Friday morning a crew will be coming to collect all donations in the corner and they won't know a fencing reel from anything else that should be going to them.