Weekly Update - 3/25/13

This week's practices are as normal with the slight exception of Saturday's time. We'll be going at 2 instead of 10. We'll be starting late due to an Easter event at the Church.

Since this is Spring Break for most of the area schools, let Clint know if you'd like to do a daytime training session in advance of the April Qualifiers.

This past Sunday IFC hosted the Foil & Saber Challenge. This year they added an E & Under event to complement that Youth-12, Open and Team events. Unfortunately, the team events did not take place. Full results are posted on Askfred.

We had several fencers perform quite well in all the events, winning 4 medals in the Saber and Foil events.

Y-12 Mixed Saber

  • 2. Thomas Furman
  • 3. JT Wineburner
  • 6. Justin Morris
  • 7. Allison Furman

Mixed E & Under Saber

  • 3. Daniel Ostrow
  • 12. Jakob Schumacher
  • 15. Jim Wineburner

Open Saber:

  • 10. Theresa Stoodley
  • 17. Daniel Ostrow

E & Under Mixed Foil:

  • 2. Jamie Carthew, E13
  • 16. Tony Bell

Open Foil:

  • 6. Jamie Carthew

Our next competition is the Y-14 Qualifier at New Trier High School in Winnetka.