Weekly Update - 12/23/13

This past weekend Clint, Fiona & Clara competed at MCFC's Festivus Event Saber Open.

1. Clinton Smith

5. Fiona Hessert

6. Clara Somfelean

Fiona, Clint, & Clara after competing at MCFC.

Fiona, Clint, & Clara after competing at MCFC.

This week we'll have all our normal practices, but we'll be shuffling coaches around. Alex will be out this week, Clint will be covering his classes. Theresa will join us on Monday night for the Youth Saber classes. Theresa will away on Saturday, so Clint & Robyn will be covering her lessons there. Alex may be out next Monday as well, it depends on his travel home.

Additionally, we'll be having a Holiday Party at Buzz, 1935 W. Irving Park, on Saturday afternoon from 4-6. A $5 entry gets you all-you-can eat gourmet mini-burgers from their menu. Parking is on Ravenswood. Please RSVP to Clint by Thursday, 12/26, so we can have enough burgers to go around. See you all there!