Weekly Update - 11/18/13

A number of our athletes fenced at the Stevenson High School Open on Saturday, both representing the club or Evanston Township High School, as per Great Lakes High School Conference rules.

Men's Foil (71 competitors)

13. James Carthew

27. Gus Kroll

30. Nolan Kim

Men's Saber (65 competitors):

30. Ethan Sieben

31. Daniel Ostrow

Women's Saber (46 competitors)

39. Melissa Tan

Next weekend we'll be at Northwestern on Sunday for the Junior Olympic Qualifiers. We're looking forward to a big turn-out for that.

Practice Schedule: this week there is no evening practice on Thursday due to a church function that will be taking up the gym. All Intro classes will be moved back a week into December. Clint and Alex will both be in on Saturday for lessons and classes.