Weekly Update - 11/11/13

Veteran's Day Edition: 

There is all normal practices and classes on Monday and Thursday. Saturday will be different due to competition and work schedules for both Clint & Alex. 

Robyn will be opening the gym at 11 on Saturday for fencing and classes. Clint will be at the Stevenson HS Open and Alex has a required work day.

The Stevenson HS Open is open to all high school students, regardless of where they go to school, so students not in the conference are encouraged to go as this will be a good event to get lots of experience in bouts and especially competitive DE bouts. It is not a sanctioned USA Fencing competition, so no classifications can be awarded as the HS Conference operates independently of USA Fencing. Clint will be there with the ETHS team, as well as available for coaching club members.

On Sunday, Metro Chicago will host an Open Saber event. Talk to Clint if you're interested in fencing.