Weekly Update - 10/28/13

Congratulations to Theresa on her 6th place finish in 1A Women's Saber at the 36th Remenyik Open on Sunday, renewing her D2013 and qualifying for Division 1A at Summer Nationals in July!

Full club results: 

Men's Foil:

  • Gus Kroll 67/72

Men's Saber:

  • Jakub Schumacher 24/37
  • Ethan Sieben 34/37
  • Ian Seegers 35/37


Remenyik Open D1A Women's Saber Finalists

Remenyik Open D1A Women's Saber Finalists

Halloween on Thursday will cause a little disruption to our programming: there is no 6 PM class, and our afternoon lessons will end a bit early so that everyone can enjoy the trick-or-treating in the evening.

November will be a busy month of competitions

  • The Stevenson High School Open is on 11/16, Clint will be there with the ETHS team, however it is open to all HS students even if you are not on a Conference team. 
  • 11/17, Metro Chicago is hosting an Open Saber event in Northbrook. If you aren't eligible for the Stevenson one, here's one to keep you sharp
  • 11/23 is the Catholic Memorial HS Invitational, the same rules apply from Stevenson, and Clint may not make the trip with the ETHS team
  • On 11/24, the Illinois JO Qualifiers will be hosted by Northwestern. Registration is Open and everyone eligible is strongly encouraged to fence in all possible events. 
  • 11/30 & 12/1 is the Windy City RYC, again, everyone eligible should register for all possible events (talk to Clint if you have questions, he will have recommendations).