Repost: Weekly Update - 8/28/12: Fall Open House Edition

Our Open House on Thursday will feature some footwork and bladework. Please let us know you're coming thru the Eventbrite registration, we want to be properly prepared with all the necessary forms, equipment and snacks! Just a note, due to Insurance regulations, we can not have an unaccompanied minor who would want to participate in the class. Feel free to stick around afterwards to speak with the coaches and watch some of the fencing in more detail.

We will be having practice on Saturday as normal.

We will also be hosting the Midwest Referee Seminar on September 15th. This is a great chance to find out what a referee does and why having more of them in the division is very important to our fencing community's health.

Via a coaching colleague, Clint would like to point out an interview with Christian Bauer, a coach who has trained Olympian medalists and World Champions in many places around the world. Of particular note are these two sentiments which define our own philosophy & approach:

We have to set the foundation, work on the technique aspect, otherwise tactics become unpredictable. Often you deal with athletes who don’t have the necessary foundation because we look for results too soon, from cadets or even Y-14. This means that we form fencers but we don’t train them and this handicaps their future.


The essence of our sport is to make your opponent do what you want him to do. When you understand this you have fun and you are much less sensitive to what is at stake in the game.

As they say, read it all.