Repost: Weekly Update - 8/20/12

We anticipate no interruptions to our practice schedule with all Instructors being available for lessons this week.

On Thursday, August 30, we'll be hosting an Open House - a great way to find out more about the club and meet the coaches and members. Registration is open for the all ages event thru Eventbrite.

Last Thursday we were visited by the Sports Photographer for the Welles Park Bulldog, Jane Rickard. She posted just a few of the photos she took on the publication's Facebook Page. We expect that she will return from time to time to photograph more of the practices and lessons and even a competition or two. Be sure to say hello, and then, as she told us, ignore her completely and go about practice as normal. Also, please be aware that the Welles Park Bulldog's privacy policy will not allow her to photograph children under 13 while they can be identified. Fencing fits in nicely with face-hiding masks.

If you have any concerns about being photographed, please speak with Clint.