Weekly Update - 12/3/12

We'll have our normal practices this week. Thursday is our first Open House, we'll be running demos and intro lessons while during the time as well as normal lessons and practices.

Next weekend is the Milwaukee Div 1/2/Veteran NAC. Anne will be fencing on Saturday, Jake on Sunday, and Theresa on Monday. If you have an opportunity, this is a great chance to see a National competition nearby and cheer on your teammates! Plus, vendors will have all the gear you need and are still missing.

Sunday, Northwestern hosted the IL Junior Olympic Qualifiers:

Cadet Men's Foil:

1. Jamie Carthew

Cadet Men's Saber:

11. Ethan Sieben

Junior Men's Foil:

6. Jamie Carthew

Junior Men's Saber:

6. Daniel Ostrow

8. Jakob Schumacher

Congratulations to everyone, these were tough events and I'm extremely proud of everyone!

Jamie's 1st medal - Gold in Cadet Foil!