Weekly Update - 10/28/12

Monday's practice will be our Halloween party until 8 PM. Lessons will be available afterwards. Starting on Thursday, the busy season is over, and I'll be back to practices at the starting time. Look for more drills and conditioning work as we head into the stronger part of the competitive season.

This weekend is the Remenyik Open! I may be refereeing on Saturday, if so, Robyn will be opening the gym for the morning practice. We'll update everyone as to the status later in the week.

If you are interested in fencing the competition, let me know so that we can coordinate coaching.

Ethan fenced in the Windy City RYC on Saturday and finished 3rd in the Y-14 Mixed Saber!

Ethan's first medal of the season!

Ethan's first medal of the season!

A couple of other competitions to update on:

The Fencer's Academy SYC:

JT Wineburner, Men's Y-12 Saber: 25/32, winning a bout in his very first competition. I'm looking forward many more results from him.

Purdue Fall Open:

Theresa Stoodley, Mixed Saber: 6/21, her second Top 8 finish this season.