Weekly Update - 10/1/12

Congratulations to all the LSF fencers who competed in their first competition on Sunday at the Irving Park YMCA. It was very exciting for parents (and first-time adult competitors) to ask me about when the next one is or what they should go to, if they want to focus more on their age/skill level. Every coach wants to hear that from his athletes!

We are having all our practice this week. The senior fencers are encouraged to attend the Burton at NU. Today is the final day of regular pre-registration. Clint will still have practice on Saturday for those not attending the competition.

Two notes about practices:

1. October is, unfortunately, one of the busy months for Clint's day job - he will be arriving at most weekday practices late. Robyn will be opening the gym for most of the month and starting classes and lessons until he arrives.

2. Sara has accepted a clinical position at Northwestern Memorial and will begin working alternating 12 hours shifts. This means that we will not be seeing her in her Instructor role. While we congratulate her as she works towards Medical school, we will certainly miss her smile at practices. Her lessons are being shifted around and there will be a period of adjustment as we figure everything out. Clint appreciates everyone's patience as we work out the schedule.