Weekly Update - 4/19/10

Congratulations to those who fenced on Saturday in the Illinois Division Division 2/3 and Senior Team Qualifiers!

Coming out of the pools, Tony was the 2nd seed, Yanu 5th and Chris 10th. Chris won his first round pool only to have to fence Tony in the round of 8. Tony had a bye into the Quarterfinals while Yanu easily advanced. After the Quarters, both had strong bouts in the Semis, only to end up fencing each other for the Gold. Tony made a run after the break and edged Yanu for the gold medal.

The team event was fenced for the joy of fencing (there were only 3 entries and the USFA allows a miniumum of 3 teams to qualify). We started strong against Lakeshore (MFA opted to not fence), but fell into a hole that we couldn't climb out of. They managed to hold on 45-36. Team events are definitely a different dynamic and a lot of fun! We're looking for revenge at the Kaiser Open in late-May.

Full results at Askfred. The official qualifier list will be posted on the Illinois website later this week.

Rob L. will be joining us tonight for a recovery workout. We'll then resume training for the Sectional Championships on May 1 & 2.