Weekly Update - 10/18/10

This week all practices will be as scheduled. Saturday's practice may end a bit early as we'll have to set up a larger number of tables and chairs than usual for an event the Church is hosting in the evening.

We will be rescheduling Rob's workout to later in the month or having two sessions with him next month. I'll keep everyone updated on the schedule.

This weekend will have two regional competitions as tune-ups for next weekend's Remenyik Open: On Sunday, Metro Chicago will host an Open Saber event. A bit farther afield, for those willing to make the drive is the Sioux City Challenge + Fencing Masters NYC Qualifier.

Please let Clint know if you're interested in club warm-ups. He has found a couple of potential designs and will be figuring out the logistics of samples and taking suggestions based on the samples. If you have had dealings with companies making team warm-ups and liked what you got, please let him know sometime this week.