Week In Review - 5/2/17

Congratulations to Gus and CJ, with their Bronze medals on Sunday, they join Theresa in Salt Lake City in July, 

CJ with the Bronze in Y-14 Men's Saber! (Photo Credit: His mom, Kathryn Jackson)

CJ with the Bronze in Y-14 Men's Saber! (Photo Credit: His mom, Kathryn Jackson)

Gus with a Bronze in Division 2 Men's Foil! 

Gus with a Bronze in Division 2 Men's Foil! 

Additionally, congratulations to Dante, who finished 4th in his very first competition! We look forward to his future.

Summer Camps

This is the last month to reserve your spot in our camps at the reduced price. After June 1, the price goes up to $450 per week. There are also spots remaining in for our Saber Training Camp with Laszlo Szepesi at the end of the summer. 

Weekly Update - 2/13/17

We're back! 

After the week of the church demolishing their kitchen right next to our space, we're back this afternoon with all of our regular practices 

While we were away, Gus, Jack, and Jenna fenced in the Great Lakes High School Conference Championships. Gus finished 6th in Men's Foil and won the Sportsman of the Year award (an award voted on by the coaches of the conference)!

Weekly Update - 11/21/16

This week we'll have classes Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. 

Theresa with her trophy from Sunday's Turkey Meet Open in Waukesha, WI. 

Theresa with her trophy from Sunday's Turkey Meet Open in Waukesha, WI. 

Congrats to Theresa for her win yesterday at the Turkey Meet Open! Also, Saturday was the first of the High School Individual Meets. Congrats to Gus, 12th of 95, and Jenna, 25th of 49!

This Winter we'll be jointly hosting a Training Camp with Evanston Township HS and Manitoba Fencing! Registration is open for both athletes and coaches!

Weekly Update - 9/19/16

Congratulations to Gus on his 8th place finish in Saturday's Purdue Fall Open!

Best of luck to everyone competing in Peoria this weekend!

Two big competitions are coming up soon, and their registration deadlines are fast approaching. The Remenyik ROC & RJCC and the November NAC in Milwaukee both close registrations on September 28th. If you're planning on attending either of these events, talk to Clint about coaching.


Weekly Update - 6/13/15

Coach Clint has returned from his International Coaching Course in Budapest and will be rejoining the club practices this afternoon! While there he graduated top of the Fencing class and tied for top of the entire course with 2 other coaches: one a Kenyan Track & Field, the second a Strength & Conditioning coach from Guyana. 

He looks forward to meeting all the new members of the club! 

Now that the competition season is over, we'll begin to look at training for the next season and summer camps for the summer. 

Weekly Update - 5/25/15

Big congratulations to Ian and Melissa as they have graduated from ETHS and will be off to greater things in the Fall. 

Melissa will be attending Northwestern and Ian is off to Rhode Island School of Design. Best of luck to them both!

JT, Evan, Matt and CJ at the IFC Youth Saber on Sunday!

JT, Evan, Matt and CJ at the IFC Youth Saber on Sunday!

Congratulations to everyone who fenced on Sunday! Team LSF brought home a medal in both Y12 and Y14 Mixed Saber. Complete results are on Askfred

This weekend is Memorial Day and we encourage everyone to enjoy the Holiday. We'll have classes as usual on Saturday, but we'll take Monday off to enjoy the day. 

Weekly Update - 4/11/16

This weekend is the RYC at FCC, best of luck to everyone competing! Additionally, Saturday afternoon we will have a group from Brooklyn Boulders join us for an Intro Class. 

Vasas SC, home of many Hungarian Olympians in both Saber and Epee

Vasas SC, home of many Hungarian Olympians in both Saber and Epee

Clint's adventures in Hungary continue. He has classes in Sport Sociology, Training Theory, Sport Physiology, General Conditioning and Human Biology this week in addition to hours in the gym with the coach instructors and then visits to fencing clubs and training centers after classes have finished. Last weekend there was a Youth competition at one of the clubs in Budapest and he's visited several clubs throughout the city and gotten several ideas on how to organize and create a permanent space when he returns. 

On April 28-30, Ayach will be visiting again. We will have a training session on Thursday evening, where he will have drills and fencing for everyone. Friday afternoon we have limited lesson time until 6. Lessons are available on a first-come basis and Saturday's training session will be the entire day, from 10-4. We will have much more information about this in the next few days. 

Weekly Update - 3/28/16

This week we return to our regularly scheduled classes and lessons following the Easter Holiday celebrations by the Church. 

On April 28 & 30, we will be visited by Ayach Bounachada once again for a weekend clinic. On Saturday, 4/30, there will be time for developing area coaches to attend as well.  While we don't normally have classes or lessons on Fridays, on 4/29 there will be some afternoon time available for lessons. We will be sending out more information as it becomes available. 

This coming weekend is the CF&F Spring Challenge RYC & Cadet. Everyone able to attend is encouraged to make the trip as it is one of the last Youth competitions of the season. 

Weekly Update - 3/21/16

Congratulations to Gus, Zoe and JT! All brought home medals from IFC's D & Under competition on Sunday: Bronze for Gus and Zoe, and Silver for JT!

Gus with the Bronze in Mixed Foil.

Gus with the Bronze in Mixed Foil.

This week welcomes Alex back for a couple of months to work with the club, especially giving the foilists some additional attention. Should you want to schedule a private lesson with him, just ask.

Please keep in mind that due to the Easter Celebrations at Luther Memorial, we do not have any classes on Thursday or Saturday. We will return next week for our normal full schedule.

Weekly Update - 2/29/16

Today will we be joined by a Northwestern Journalism Graduate Student doing a video project on Olympic Sports. She will be taking video and talking with both parents and athletes about their experiences.

Gus, Jack and Carter all fenced in FCC's Foil competitions on Saturday. Well done, gentleman! We look forward to more success from all three of them!

Later in March, we will have a couple of interruptions to our schedule:

  • March 15, the IL Primary Elections will be happening and as the church is a voting center, there will be no classes that day.
  • March 24 & 26, the Church Congregation will be celebrating their Holy Week, this will interrupt our schedule entirely. There will be no classes either of those days.

Accommodations will be made for all affected classes and members.